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This is the same air pump as the HP 60 except it has a pre-installed alarm mounted on the side of the
HP60A. This eliminates the need for a control panel with a pressure switch. The alarm has a switch
with 3 positions. MUTE, TEST, RUN.

RUN: During normal operation, the switch is in the "run" or center position.

MUTE: The "mute" position will silence the audible alarm while leaving the visual alarm operational.

TEST: By putting in test position it will activate the sound alarm and also the visual alarm making sure
that both alarms are functioning properly.

The HP- 60A is capable of being used anywhere a regular HP-60 is used the alarm is mounted on the
side. This makes life easier because there is no need for a control panel and pressure switch making
this very budget friendly. Just simply plug in and it is ready to go. Air pump is UL listed and

• 3.5 cfm Open Flow
• 60 Liters of Air Per Minute
• 3.6 psi Maximum Continuous Pressure
• 120VAC, 60 Hz, 1.3A, 51 Watts
• 35 dBA @ 1 meter
• Audible and Visual Alarm Signals Pump Failure
• Alarm Includes Run, Test, and Mute Switch
• Dimensions: 9.3'' L x 7.1'' W x 7.8'' H
• Condition: Brand New
• Includes Rubber 90 Connection Fitting
• One (1)  Year Warranty
• Replacement Parts Available


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