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As of 2014, Thomas Linear motors were a thing of the past, but now they have hit the market with what
consumers consider to be the BEST linear motor on the market for 2015. The past few years Thomas
Linear alongside Gardner Denver has developed cutting edge technology in the linear industry. As the
leader in providing fluidic solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers, Thomas continues to develop
new products to meet the requirements of evolving markets and applications. Matching the competitors
Flow Rate for air pressure, Thomas packs it all in small quiet, lower power consumption motor that is
sure to impress. This new design, an oil-less linear diaphragm compressor, has quiet operation, lower
pulsation, higher efficiency and fewer wearing parts. Thomas also offers a two (2) year warranty on all
linear replacement motors.

The Thomas AP-80 can be used as a compatible replacement on many 500 GPD and 600 GPD aerobic
treatment systems. The AP-80 replaces the Thomas 5078S, Thomas 5080, Thomas LP-80H, HiBow HP-80,
Gast DBM-80, Secoh EL-80-15, Medo LA-80 and many other 80LPM.

We're committed to providing you with the finest pump your money can buy. That's why we're
constantly evaluating and reassessing our product — continuing to improve it. And we're confident you'll
find Thomas linear pump to be the best on the market as well. Here's why:

Greater flow rates than the competition

The greater the flow rate, the greater the amount of aeration delivered to the aerobic treatment system.
Published flow curves show Thomas linear compressors deliver 10 to 20% greater flow than the

The Thomas unit features removable wiring connectors making the pump much easier to service. Other
brands use soldered connections which make them susceptible to cracking or breaking.

UL/NSF Certification All Thomas linear compressors are UL/NSF certified. You know that means quality
and performance you can trust! Not all manufacturers are.

Outstanding Service We know it's not only important to sell a high-quality product, but to also stand
behind it with excellent service and support comparable to none. We have a strong commitment to that
philosophy, with more team members here in the USA dedicated to servicing your aeration needs than
any other linear compressor manufacturer.

2 Year Warranty. (1 Year Longer Than Hiblow)
Thomas AP-80 linear versus the Hi-Blow HP80 in pressure and flow
Hi-Blow HP80 Thomas AP-80

1 PSI yields 3.5 CFM 1 PSI yields 3.6 CFM (+.1 CFM) 2.8% More Flow
2 PSI yields 2.9 CFM 2 PSI yields 3.2 CFM (+.3 CFM) 10.3% More Flow
3 PSI yields 2.2 CFM 3 PSI yields 2.7 CFM (+.5 CFM) 22.7% More Flow
4 PSI yields 1.8 CFM 4 PSI yields 2.1 CFM (+.3 CFM) 16.7% More Flow
5 PSI yields 1.0 CFM 5 PSI yields 1.4 CFM (+.4 CFM) 40% More Flow
6 PSI yields .65 CFM 6 PSI yields 1.0 CFM (+.35 CFM) 53.8% More Flow


• Volatage - 110-120VAC
• Frequency - 60HZ
• Rated Pressure 14.7(kPa)
• Airflow - 86LPM
• AMP - 1.9A
• WATT - 55W
• Noise Level 38

Works As A Replacement For The Following Models.
Hydro-Action AP500
Hydro-Action HAL50-9901
Hydro-Action HALT50-0101
Aqua Safe AS500
Aqua Safe AA500
Cajun Aire 500 GPD
Clearstream CS103EL
Clearstream CS103E
Clearstream CS103ED
Delta Whitewater DF40
Delta Whitewater DF50
Delta Whitewater DF50FF
Delta Whitewater DF50CA
Delta Whitewater DF60
Delta Whitewater D80
Delta Whitewater DF60FF
Delta Whitewater D60
Delta Whitewater Model 80
Delta Whitewater Model 60
Delta Whitewater UC50
Delta Whitewater UC60
Hoot H450
Hoot H500
Hoot H600
Hoot LA500
Mo-Dad 500


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